BYKI Swahili Home Study Software Review

March 24, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

BYKI is one of the few premium language learning providers offering a Swahili Course. The course will not cover deep fundamentals or grammar structures of the Swahili language. However its a decent program to increase your vocabulary and basic Swahili. It is software so you will either need a pc or a mac to get it running.

Below some photos that give a bit of a impression what it has to offer:

On the first Photo you can see a example Swahili conversation

Below Show a nice tool to keep track of your progress

Below a activity shot to improve your Swahili pronunciation.

Below a list of the features:

  • The most critical words and phrases
  • Personalized learning sessions to speed your progress
  • Images and native speaker sound
  • Recognize spoken words
  • Lock words and phrases into your permanent memory
  • Maintain your knowledge with Intelligent Refresh
  • Track your progress with comprehensive testing
  • Perfect your accent with pronunciation practice
  • Cement your knowledge with games and activities
  • Learn thousands of extra words and phrases online at ListCentral
  • Create and share word lists with users around the world
  • MP3 audio for your iPod or other mobile player
  • Printable flashcards

All in all if you fully complete this course and use it for practice you should be able to pick up 1000 swahili words and the most usefull Kiswahili sentences. If you have any questions about the BYKI Swahili software or if you have used it and want to share your thoughts please post in the comment section.

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