Swahili Resources

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Below a list of resources that may be of help when learning Swahili:

General info Swahili Language:
Wikipedia Swahili Language
Wikipedia Swahili People

Swahili TV and Radio:
Jump TV | Tanzanian & Kenyan TV
Amefufuka Live: Swahili Christian music

News in Swahili:
BBC Swahili

Books & Articles:
Find Children’s books in swahili
Great Bibliography on Swahili Studies by the the Columbia University Libraries by the California State University

Swahili Music:

Swahili Music Video Collection

Online materials :

Swahili Language & Culture
Course by the African Studies Institute – University of Georgia
Grammar/Excersises & Games by mwanasimba-online
Various Swahili materials by the Department of African & African-American Studies – University of Kansas
Short Course by the Linguistics Department – University of Illinois
Vocabulary & Exercises by the The Pennsylvania State University
Swahili assignments, exercises, vocabulary and grammar online by the Rutgers University

Swahili Dictionary:
The Kamusi Project


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I want to learn the language of Swahili very fast for free, which website offers the best turorial ?

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inluding the way of pronunciation, where I can be able to hear the words pronounced.


Pick two of the three

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