Swahili to English Translation Help?

October 24, 2008 by · 4 Comments 

Need to draw your brains here, does anyone have any idea what the following Swahili mean?

"na Mwezi huwa mwangavu pia,
usiku mwema mpenzi"

Many thanks for your help!

either it means

"and the moon it is intelligent as well good night my lover"


"and a month is intelligent as well, good night lover"

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One more request re Swahili translation?

October 22, 2008 by · 3 Comments 

First of all, thanks to Circleoftopaz and Godislove for your input regarding my earlier question….

Actually the whole message in Swahili is;

"Nakupenda sana,
Jua langaa nikikuwaza,
na Mwezi huwa mwangavu pia,
usiku mwema mpenzi."

Any advice on the translation of the above? Many, many thanks for your help!!!!!

Nakupenda sana= I love you very much.
jua = sun, sunshine
lang'aa from ng'aa = shines
kuwaza= to think
mwezi = moon
mwangavu= a clever person(?). I think here
it is a full moon.
pia = also
usiku mwema mpenzi= good night, my love.
So, except for the one doubtful word, it says
I love you very much
I think of you when the sun shines
and also when the moon is full.
Good night, my love.

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