Where Does the Swahili Language Come From ?

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The Swahili Language is spoken in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Somalia, Oman, Comoros Islands & Mozambique. It is the official language in Tanzania, Kenia & Uganda.

The Swahili language is one of the Bantu languages, which form a branch of the Niger-Congo family. The Arabic language has had a major influence in the Swahili vocabulary, due to the fact that the language evolved through centuries of contact between Arabic-speaking traders and many different Bantu-speaking peoples inhabiting Africa’s Indian Ocean coast. Interesting to add that the Swahili language also has been influenced by German, English, Indian and Persian vocabulary.

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Swahili Lessons

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Yes, there is work to be done but there is also lots to talk about and learn. “Nguo” means “clothing”.

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